Hi, I'm Dave!

A WordPress Developer & Designer
based in Harrisburg, PA
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Over the past 7.5 years, I have cultivated extensive expertise as a WordPress Developer, specializing in the utilization of Elementor to craft visually stunning and highly functional websites.

My proficiency extends across the entire web development lifecycle, from conceptualization to implementation and ongoing maintenance. Notably, I have successfully collaborated with small to medium-sized businesses, leveraging my skills not only in coding but also as a dynamic Content Creator. My strengths lie in translating complex ideas into compelling, user-friendly content that aligns with brand identity and resonates with target audiences. Through strategic content planning and implementation, I have consistently contributed to enhancing online presence, driving engagement, and ultimately fostering business growth for my clients.


Recent projects


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International Wire & Mesh

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HBG Realty

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Strawberry Square

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Obedience Training Class

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Insurance Agents & Brokers

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VIN Foundation

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Collective Intelligence

Website Design & Development


What I am awesome at

I excel in the end-to-end design and development of client websites, seamlessly combining creativity with technical expertise, and my commitment to fast iteration ensures that the websites evolve dynamically to meet client goals and market demands.


I excel in leveraging the power of WordPress and Elementor for the rapid development and iteration of websites tailored to the specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses. My proficiency in these platforms not only ensures efficient and responsive site creation but also empowers me to implement dynamic changes swiftly, allowing businesses to adapt and thrive in a dynamic online landscape.

External integrations

I specialize in seamlessly integrating external systems with WordPress, enabling smooth 3rd party API connections that enhance website functionality. Additionally, my expertise extends to implementing robust user validation processes through these integrations, ensuring a secure and streamlined user experience for enhanced website performance.

Brand experience

My strengths in brand and identity lie in my keen ability to distill a brand's essence into a cohesive visual and narrative identity. Through a meticulous blend of creativity and strategic thinking, I excel in crafting compelling brand stories and visuals that resonate with target audiences, fostering lasting connections and brand loyalty.


I strategically harness the capabilities of AI to revolutionize marketing initiatives, tailoring campaigns with precision and efficiency. By integrating AI into social media posts, I not only enhance content personalization but also optimize engagement through data-driven insights, ensuring a dynamic and impactful online presence for brands.


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